Swindon Magic

A fascination to visitors, particularly those from overseas, and a feature synonymous with Swindon for locals, the Magic Roundabout has at times achieved international fame.

So where would we be without a range of souvenirs that celebrated it?

all tshirts

Our Magic Roundabout t-shirts come in a range of adult and children’s sizes and colours so you should be able to find a t-shirt to suit everyone!

MR Mug

The Magic Roundabout mug is a classic and one of our very best sellers and makes a great souvenir or gift for a Swindonian.

multicoloured rubbers

We do a range of Magic Roundabout stationary in all colours and also do pre-wrapped sets which make a great gift and give you a discount over buying items seperately!


Our Magic Roundabout tea-towels make great gifts, whether as a going away gift for students or a light, easy-to-post gift to a friend overseas.


And speaking of overseas, we also do our hugely popular Magic Roundabout postcard as part of our Swindon range of cards. (We’ll leave adding any optional diagrams explaining how to cross it up to you!)


You can come find us and all things Magic Roundabout on the ground floor of Central Library!

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